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Harison Mercier
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Stephanie @pandabear94 ∙ Friday 29th Listen guys from day 1 it's been #teamgreg and tonight's ep made that real clear @hmercier @racheldoesstuff #youretheloveofmylife #cxg

Ella @notsoenchanted ∙ Friday 29th between tonight's three dates episode and the potential lucas morelli/jenny snyder/harison mercier triangle that the #thehackening has revealed is anyone else really excited for the #cxg live concerts? #themathoflovetriangles.                        
Maddie @sharkjumper ∙ Friday 29th i'm not crying, you're crying @hmercier @racheldoesstuff

Alita @sneakerfan ∙ Thursday 28th i mean, do i really have to say anything else? @hmercier #thehackening.
Cheetos @chopstix ∙ Thursday 28th Harison Mercier spotted doing a flaming shot at an Atlanta nightclub, being cheered on by Kim Montgomery of all people. You think after we all saw you getting thirsty with Jenny Snyder and Miss E boy would be laying low.

Peanut @pnutz ∙ Thursday 28th and in this moment harison mercier won me over
What'll It Be (Reprise) - feat. Harison Mercier - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend".
GET THE SONG: https://lnk.to/ceg4
What'll It Be (Reprise)
Leah @leahjade90 ∙ Thursday 28th ...i am standing behind kim montgomery and harison mercier in line for a hot dog at 6 flags in atlanta. weirdest celeb sighting ever